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Wild to Possess / A Taste for Sin

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Lew Brookbank is running from his grief. His wife had left him for another man, and he had discovered them together--murdered. Drowning himself in gin, one night he stumbles across a parked car where a man and a woman are plotting the kidnapping and murder of the man's wife. At first he thinks he should turn them in, but there is some real money involved here, and he makes the liquor-fueled decision to follow them and work a double-cross of his own. But Lew doesn't figure on Clarkson, brother of his dead wife's lover. Clarkson wants to bring him back to pay for the death of his brother. But there's no turning back on the plan now—Lew has got to see this one through to the end.


Jim Phalen is obsessed with Felice. He can't get enough of her wild ways, her wicked charms. She is hot like no woman he has ever met before. They're quite a pair. Unfortunately, Felice is married to bank manager George Anderson. But Felice has a plan—to kill her husband one night while he works at the bank and steal all the money. Jim thinks the idea is crazy. But the more he figures it, the more he thinks that it just might work. He knows he had to have Felice. Just the thought of her drives him nuts. But can he create the perfect plan to possess her, and steal the money, too? It's crazy alright--but it just might work.

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