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Julie was the glue.

That’s what everyone said. She was the reason Tommy and Jack became a family. She was the reason the bond was formed and stayed strong.

She found the greatest love with Bill and showed him his worth as a man and a father. They were truly soul mates.

She brought two beautiful children into the world.
Children who needed their mother.

She kept her family grounded and she reminded them all that they had a reason for being here.

Now she is gone and the family is heartbroken.
It’s not something that can be fixed or changed.
It’s not something any of them can understand.

Bill is destroyed

Can anyone help him before it’s too late?


Jack’s heart is breaking. His wife and daughter are fighting for their lives and he can’t even begin to comprehend the loss of Julie.

Everything and everyone is falling apart.

Without Julie, they are all lost.

And there is still the question of who was behind it all?

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