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Colored Edges

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Iris was raised in the frank-speaking east coast vernacular, and here on the far western edge, her intensity is sometimes perceived as pushy. Adrift in the backwaters of the west coast singles world, midlife journalist and designer Aarona Iris Miller experiences life as a tense survival dance.
Nothing hangs together for her at the turn of the 21st century, and her time in California and the world is starting to compress.
Iris wants to matter, to be more than an afterthought. She wants to be something new under the sun and to frame the tapestry of her soul with light.
Her overlapping ambitions: to become a peacemaker, a great artist, and the partner of a great man, keep leading her down blind alleys. Simultaneously energizing and confusing her are serial obsessions with mover-and-shaker men, whose worldly power exudes a heady aphrodisiac.
The outer forces straight-jacketing Iris mirror her inner war. Seeking peace of mind, she travels into her past and then further back, into her mother's early life in pre-WWII Poland. She also travels forward to the contemporary American Indian world and the seething core of Israel/Palestine.
While attending an Indian ceremony in California, Iris receives a vision of one way toward peace in the middle east. She frames the vision as a short story, then enters the story in a peace literature competition sponsored by the Jerusalem Post.
Winning the competition catapults her into the center of the Jewish-Arab conflict.
When the PLO kidnaps her two Native American guests in Jerusalem, Iris's quest for peace is forced to focus, and she must step forward.
She discovers a shortcut to her own salvation through chromotherapy. Realizing while working on a painting that specific colors can link to particular imbalances of body and spirit, she delves into color healing studies, identifies hidden emotional links, and uses opposite hues to help heal her soul.
Once she has wrestled herself down, Iris can empathize with others’ lives.
When Iris paints the spectrum of herself, she reclaims her colored edges one by one. Filling in her missing colors makes Iris more than a sketch, and she finally lets the sunbow inside pour its healing elixirs out for those around her.
Colored Edges is one woman’s journey toward peace — in herself and the world.

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