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Jessica's Seduction: Boxed Set Collection

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Jessica's Seduction is the ultimate erotic/romance boxed set collection. Even though the first book in the series is permafree, it has been included to create the complete set in one convenient mega anthology. The other 5 books in the series retail individually for $3.99 each, so at this special boxed set collection price the reader is saving a massive 50% for the complete series! Adults only 18+

Jessica’s Seduction (Jessica’s Seduction #1)

Jessica's mundane life as a receptionist takes a dramatic turn when Preston Frost comes to town. A successful travel and fashion photographer, self-assured Preston fills in as company head for his dad's refrigeration business when his father takes a holiday. With his good looks and excessive charm, Preston immediately makes a play for Jessica. After resisting him adamantly at first, Jessica soon succumbs to his advances, and the desires of her body and her heart. But can she risk falling for this enigmatic playboy?

Alpine Nights (Jessica’s Seduction #2)

On their new adventure together, Jessica and Preston further develop their romantic relationship when they travel to Europe in winter. There they perform photo shoots, ski in the Swiss Alps, spend time with friends in a romantic chalet in the snow, then embark on a treacherous journey through Germany's Black Forest in search of wolves. As with any new relationship lust is abundant, and the lead characters don't hold back when it comes to getting want they want sexually.

Summer Heat (Jessica’s Seduction #3)

Jessica and Preston arrive back in Australia after a winter spent in Europe. While the sizzling love affair continues between the newly-engaged couple, no sooner have they arrived back in the country when a mysterious woman appears on the scene. Is she someone from Preston's past, and does she pose a threat to Jessica's future happiness?

Jungle Fever (Jessica’s Seduction #4)

Jessica and Preston find themselves working in beautiful Hawaii, where their sizzling love affair continues. When sent to a small deserted island to photograph an old WW2 submarine, the pair find something that will change their lives forever. However, before they can take their find back to the mainland, their idyllic island is invaded by a notorious criminal couple who are anything but friendly.

Wedding Jitters (Jessica’s Seduction #5)

Back home in Australia Jessica enlists the help of a wedding planner to organise her big day. All seems to be going to plan until two weeks out from the wedding date. It's only then that she realises not everything is as it seems, and it's a last minute rush to make her dream of marrying Preston a reality.

Honeymoon (Jessica’s Seduction #6)

Jessica and Preston are soaking up the sun and fun of The Maldives as they enjoy their honeymoon. Following a week of romantic bliss, they fly into nearby Sri Lanka, where they meet up with Dan and Kate. From there the adventure really sparks as the four travel around the small country, culminating in a frightening and harrowing drama at the end which leaves them lucky to escape with their lives.

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