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King of the Mountain

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The year is 1948 I’m 4 years old, and have run away from home for the first time on my quest to become “King of the Mountain”.
Based on the actual antics of a young boy and his friends, “King of the Mountain” offers an autobiographical experience of growing up in the West Kootenays between 1948 to 1962. From camping trips, to hunting expeditions, to mischievous pranks, and unruly gangs, King of the Mountain allows the reader to step back in time to the 1950’s, gaining insight into what life was like before social media, cell phones, and television.

Anyone raised, or living in the West Kootenays will have to smile, as they share in the escapades of this mischievous child through adolescence; and hopefully find some solace in reminiscing about their own childhood memories as they read through the wonderfully crafted stories of adventure and triumph, sadness and sorrow, and of a boy coming of age in the town of Nelson, B.C.

The book provides reference to many well-known locations, local people, historical information, and urban legends. Included are pictures from both the Nelson archives and the author’s personal collection to enhance the reader’s enjoyment.

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