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No More Mister Nice Guy

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No More Mister Nice Guy travels the highways familiar to fans of Bunyan's Pilgrims Progress or C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, yet comes steeped in a setting of bullets, blood, and modern warfare followed by a Whiskey shot and a beer chaser.
Billy Hartman sets out on a quest to become someone other than who he was born to be. Fate is not playing nice.
His nickname,Gunner, is well earned. According to plan, he has become—not a nice guy—the antithesis of everything he once was.
After three tours of duty on the mean streets of Iraq, Billy has made it through without a scratch till a roadside bomb rips through his body like a hatchet through a can of spaghetti. Lying alone like a cast off child's toy, Billy and everyone around knows he is dying.
An extraordinary rescue by an Old Gunslinger and sometimes Priest, Mike MacKenzie, propels him headlong into a journey that countless others have walked away from leaving them to live sad regret-filled lives. Along the way, not only his body is pieced back together but his mind, sanity, and family.
Just as life could not get better, the Old Gunslinger comes calling with an insane offer, a terrible choice to have to make.
What he chooses will either leave him sad and full of regret or cost him everything he believes to be right and good about his own reality.

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