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Machine-Gun Man

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The mystery of John H. Webb, the man claiming to be George “Machine Gun” Kelly, was to be explored in the opening program of the second season of "Unsolved Mysteries." A segment producer flew to Phoenix to spend the day with Jim Dobkins, Ben Jordan, and Cindy Webb, widow of John H. Webb.
The segment producer was excited about the Kelly case being a major part of that season-opening show. He said he’d get back to them the next week. That week stretched into several weeks. Finally, upon being contacted by Dobkins and asked why the long delay, the segment producer admitted that the FBI, which had a close advisory relationship with "Unsolved Mysteries," had directed the producers of Unsolved Mysteries to not have further contact with them.

Was the mystery man "John H. Webb" indeed the infamous Machine-Gun Kelly? Many people who knew him believed it to be so. Read this fascinating account as told by the man claiming to be Machine-Gun Kelly and decide for yourself if he was the real deal. Or an imposter who channeled George Kelly so well that he took on his same physique and appearance? And why were the Feds so bent on his story not being told on Unsolved Mysteries?

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