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Sexual And Spiritual Reawakening, At Last

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Sexual and Spiritual Reawakening are total life-transforming events. It is not just the culmination of required rituals, disciplined practice, hard work, or specific exercises. It does not require having a partner. Spiritual and sexual reawakening is expanding and controlling all of your senses, coming face to face with your own inner being, your soul, your God essence.

Sexual and Spiritual Reawakening are about returning to your true self, regaining your integrity, reclaiming what is truly yours. It is about removing self-imposed boundaries and restrictions. You re-discover that love and beauty surround you - everywhere. Spiritual and sexual reawakening brings you back to nature. You open your eyes and see the forests, smell the flowers, taste the fruit, hear the wind, and touch the earth. With all of your senses, you feel your connection to everyone and everything that exists.

Sexual Reawakening is about freedom, freedom to love, freedom to touch, and freedom to feel; freedom to say "yes" and freedom to say "no." It is the freedom to explore your own and your partner's bodily sensations, without shame, guilt, or embarrassment. As you gradually increase your sensual awareness, tensions in your body lessen, allowing you to tune in to your sensations and freely express your emotions. Your capacity for intimacy and creative expression naturally flourishes.

Spiritual Reawakening is also about freedom – freedom from the prison of automatic emotional responses, both positive and negative, freedom from your own preconceived ideas about the way life should be, freedom from your own circular mental thought patterns that keep you stuck and unable to move on, and freedom to be fully alive in every moment. As you gradually increase your spiritual awareness, your mind becomes more naturally at ease. You find yourself not holding on so much, not needing so much, not even wanting so much. Negative situations and less spiritually minded people seem to drop away from your everyday experiences. Your capacity for acceptance, fulfillment, appreciation, gratitude and joy naturally flourishes.

We are all sexual beings. Being sexual is being alive. Feeling your sexual aliveness reawakens you to who you are. By allowing full sexual expression into your life, you cannot help but discover your true spiritual nature.
We are all spiritual beings. Connecting to your spiritual nature and spiritual potential brings you an enhanced appreciation of all life.

In this book you have a rare opportunity to deeply explore your sensual appreciation, sensual expression and capacity for intimacy with yourself and with a partner. The very act of becoming intimate strips away the barriers to knowing and connecting with your own self as a spiritual being.

Spiritual Reawakening is about acceptance, learning to accept and even honor each other, for all the ways we are the same and for all the ways we differ and can learn from each other. Spiritual reawakening is knowing that every person is unique with a particular family background, relationship history, lifestyle and perception of the way love is. You discover that each of us has special gifts and talents as well as inadequacies and blind spots. You learn that what is easy and natural for one person may be difficult for another.

Sexual Reawakening is about developing the sensitivity, awareness, and patience to give and receive love with all people in your life, especially your most intimate partner/s. You discover that love is all there is. You recognize that love often brings up anything unlike itself for the purpose of release and healing. You learn to look beyond the immediate moment to unleash the unlimited potential within yourself and your chosen partners.

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