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Climate Change for Football Fans: A Matter of Life and Death

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By introducing the parallel of the world’s favorite sport, this exploration of climate change policy steers clear of the scientific jargon and data that populate most books on the issue. Written as a series of conversations between Joe, a soccer fan who thinks that worrying about climate change is a waste of time, and Professor Igor, a climate change scholar who does not understand the intricacies of soccer, this book provides accessible and entertaining insight into environmental issues through their dialogue. Topics that they discuss include the political obstacles to solving the energy problem and the ways that lifestyle choices of individuals affect the world around them. Positing that at this point the way out of the climate change dilemma is just as much social as it is technological and political, Atkins’ enjoyable treatise is manageable for those who have no prior knowledge on the subject yet is still compelling to those who are already well informed.

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