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The Human Mind Inside

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A book that goes beyond speculation and hypotheses about the mind and presents for the first time a clear layout of the organization and operation of thought processes. This book finally takes the mind out of the black box and sheds light on a stunning array of mental phenomena including mental disorders and paranormal behavior. An easy-to-follow exposition despite the complexity of the subject.

This is not your usual speculative book about the mind with cryptic language that only the initiated few may understand. The author uses clear concepts and simple language with no scary idioms to delve into the organization and dynamics of thought processes from an overarching unified model. Whether you happen to be a learned psychologist looking for granular interpretation of human thoughts and emotions with their correlated processes, or a neuroscience researcher or developer seeking better clues and deeper insights in mentation, or simply a parent dealing with the disparaging commotion of a mentally-ill relative, this book proposes sensible and satisfying answers never before available.

As elusive and obscure as matters of mind may appear, this exposé eloquently shows that they remain completely ruled by rationalism and notably mathematical formalism. The author’s vintage is a model built on a parent function to the well-known Gaussian with the help of novel philosophical principles and physics constructs both directly emanating from the function. From that standpoint, the author forcefully endeavors to take the architecture and operation of mind out of the black box, shedding light on a stunningly large array of mental phenomena, from human character to mental disorders to paranormal behavior.

To the laymen with interest in the subject: this text, indeed an easy-to-follow exposition, will help you better understand the partitioning and inner workings of your own thoughts and emotions and their process flows as well. Most interestingly, it firmly establishes the basis for individual character giving you the means to predict or cope with reactions and behavior coming from mates, friends and co-workers. A fascinating book!

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