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Art of the BIZNOVEL

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Jeff Cox has been called "a master of conveying business concepts through ... story." His biznovels – business novels and novelllas – have sold millions of copies worldwide. Several, such as "The Goal" and "Zapp," both of which he coauthored, are said to be business classics. Here, in "Art of the Biznovel," he reveals how to write, publish, and market a story-based business book. It covers the entire process and includes ...

Why write fiction about serious business?
Creating a true, non-fiction story.
How to find a writer.
Structuring the coauthor agreement.
Copyright issues.
Developing your "pitch."
The choice of styles.
Story types and how they apply to business.
Crafting the plot.
How writers work.
Keys to publishing success.
Indie vs. mainstream publishing.
Publishing and marketing strategy.
Should you hire a publicist?
And the formula for selling millions of copies.
(Yes, really. The five key steps to selling millions.)

This guide distills decades of writing and publishing experience into an easy-to-read, yet no-nonsense short book that covers it all.

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