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Julia and the Dream Maker

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Three graduate students in search of a little extra money create a toy for profit that pushes the limits of artificial intelligence and changes their future. One student lands in jail charged with violating genetic manipulation laws, while another becomes more deeply involved with their creation, Julia. Elements of science and fiction intertwine in this compelling tale. A new era of human history is ushered in through the enterprising activities of cash-strapped graduate students. There's a fine line between "can" and "should." In Julia and the Dream Maker, P. J. Fischer explores what could happen if we choose "can" and tamper with evolution. The first in a series by P. J. Fischer, Julia and the Dream Maker is perfect for fans of The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O., Genome, and The Genesis Conspiracy, and for anyone who likes to explore the outer limits of the possible.

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