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Blood Chain

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They Say Life Imitates Art, But Sometimes Death Imitates It Better.

When 9-year-old Eric Holden discovers a murdered boy at a New Jersey beach, Detective Julie Martel is as moved to bring him motherly comfort as she is driven to find the culprit. Having survived their family being torn in half by death, Julie and her son Patrick know full well how grief can tear a heart apart. More than anything, Julie wants to bring healing to Eric and promises to bring this killer down.

Then Eric and his family are discovered murdered the very next day. Reeling from failing Eric, Julie uncovers the killer's depraved pattern: whoever finds his murders will be his next victims, along with their entire family. His victims' dead bodies are the sculptures in his brutal artistic fantasies, amplifying his torture.

A crusade for justice morphs into a struggle to keep her loved ones alive, as each kill cuts closer to her own shattered family, testing her faith with the most heartless of evils. When the end-game sets in, both Julie and Patrick's lives are in his clutches and the only way out may be through the embrace of death.

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