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Pillars of Fire -The first book of Eli is author Eli's highly engrossing book that shows readers his unique perceptions on extraterrestrial life and its significance to ancient biblical scriptures and humanities evolution.Pillars of fire is a truly immersive and eye opening read.New York Times Sunday Book Review!11/16/2014

Is there life out there?Is there a God? New book questions connection between religion and extraterrestrial life
Miami-In the words of Stephen Hawking."there ought to be many other stars whose planets have life on them."Science and spirituality can and should coexist according to Author Eli Nazario,and he explains why in his new book,"Pillars of fire".
Nazario hopes to influence people the world over to look at the beginnings of human existence and the future of our species in an entirely new light.He encourages people to pay attention and act accordingly to ensure our continued prosperity."we are not alone in the universe;the evidence exists in our own ancient history"Nazario Said."Religion is no cause to discount the existence of other beings capable of thinking and feeling".With numerous popular television shows focusing on extraterrestrial events,it's clear that American culture has an infatuation with the idea of life across the stars."Pillars of Fire" focuses on this possibility,its validity and what we can and should do if we acknowledge the likely truth:We are not Alone
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