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Formula Fun (HOST, #2)

Length: 37 pages25 minutes


Carlo Pellicano lives a thrilling life, driving a Formula 1 car at breakneck speeds. The tall, charismatic driver takes charge, and his Italian team members follow his explicit orders. He is a natural leader, and a regular winner on, and off the track.

Gregor Ferrucci is Carlo’s head mechanic, and second in command, but after hours, their roles are reversed. The shorter, masculine mechanic does additional bodywork that does not involve an automobile. He also lubricates Carlo’s suspension, and pushes his motor into top performance!

Together, the couple take their collective horsepower to new heights, smells, and experiences. Some prefer the ‘new car’ smell, but Carlo has a secret fetish for rubber. Gregor likes to direct, while Carlo is eager to be steered in the most intimate of races.

Please note that this HOST short story contains 6 000 words and is approximately 27 delicious pages Thicke.

The content of this publication is m/m and is intended for a mature audience. It contains several elegantly written, yet racy scenes.

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