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A Larger Hole Than Most and More (bundled piercing fetish and foursome erotica)

Length: 93 pages1 hour


Shannon first finds inspiration to get her nipples pierced with much thicker rings than normal in Irresistible Nipples. More than anything, she wishes she could be rid of her fetish for nipple piercings, but just the thought of hard steel running through erect nipples turns her on unbearably. As a conservative virgin, she's the last person anyone would suspect of having a fling in the apartment complex pool with a near stranger one night. Yet once she sees Daniel's pierced nipples live and in the flesh, her body refuses to let her go back to the innocence she used to know.

Then, in A Larger Hole Than Most, Shannon finally decides to go ahead and get her nipples pierced, with the man who seduced her coming along to watch. But what Shannon doesn't take into account is how the thrust of the needle through her skin will arouse her so greatly that she succumbs to the attentions of three hot pierced men. Before she knows it, two of them have her on the floor in a spit-roast, the third man masturbating violently at the sight of Shannon's voluptuous body being taken so roughly.

Continuing in All Her Pretty Little Piercings, Shannon isn't expecting her sometimes-lover Daniel when he shows up banging on her door. But letting him in only leads to him pinning her against the wall and slaking their mutual need for hot, rough sex. That's not all, though; Daniel also has a surprise planned for Shannon. He's scheduled her to have not just one, but three brand-new genital piercings poked near and through her clitoris, and with her body throbbing just from the idea of it, Shannon can hardly turn down letting a stranger ram needles through her genitals three times over.

Finally, finishing with Chastity Piercings for Her, Shannon has once again been naughty, looking at the more explicit parts of the internet and getting ideas for her next genital piercings all on her own.  She plans to surprise her lover with a brand-new set of twelve piercings, but before the piercers can finish, Shannon becomes so turned on that she can't sit still. The two sexy men working on her pussy have no choice but to get her off before they continue. When Daniel arrives, what was meant to be a one-on-one turns into a three-on-one, with pierced cocks exciting Shannon as she provides fellatio and loses her anal virginity.

This bundle of erotica is over 20,000 words long and saves you almost 25% versus buying the stories individually. Themes include unexpected teen virgin sex with strangers, fmmm foursomes, double and triple penetration, multiple men coming in the same hole, body modification fetishism, and fresh nipple and genital piercing play.

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