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Archaeological Tools (HOST, #1)

Length: 41 pages27 minutes


Ian Jones is a tall, rugged, explorer type of archaeologist with some interesting tools at hand. He is always on the hunt for treasure, wherever he can find it. Jones is generally deprived of social contact, other than his colleagues, who are largely dull and frumpy. He spends much of his time out on site, and regularly showers in the outdoors, to the sounds of Mother Nature.

Reggie is a cute, redheaded deliveryman who is sent to deliver a special package to the archaeological site. He takes it upon himself to investigate the tools of the trade. Reggie finds them to be of Grade A specification, and entirely satisfactory. He decides to deliver in a most personal manner. Jones, most eager to assist, gives Reggie a complete, and intimate, tour of the campsite.

Please note that this HOST short story contains 6 000 words and is approximately 28 delicious pages Thicke.

The content of this publication is m/m and is intended for a mature audience. It contains several elegantly written, yet racy scenes.

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