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Author Penny Lane decides to team up with fellow author Kain Brooks because she believes a collaboration will bring something refreshing and new to her humdrum life. It is at first, however, what she doesnt count on is developing feelings for a man that's hundred miles away, while continuing to struggle with the death of her fiance, Zack.

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Ready For You - D. Love

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Chapter 1



Waking up this morning, I have a mission to fulfill. My only goal today is to get in touch with Kain so I can pitch my idea to him. He and I have become such great friends in the last year, solely through the internet, but hey, sometimes the greatest of friends can meet online. Last night I could barely sleep because of the brilliant idea that popped into my head. Being a writer is the most exciting experience in the world as everything you see, do, or feel needs to become a book. This is how it all began: a restless night, with ideas swimming around in my head, begging me to make them reality. Stretching my body, I throw my hands way above my head while pushing my toes out as far as they will go and inhaling deeply. I feel ready to begin this sunny day. I slide out of the bed and head for the shower, my thoughts are consumed with trying to decide what I should wear today.

Good grief, Penny! Really, what does it matter what you wear? No one will see you anyway, I say to the bathroom mirror.

After showering, I lean over the sink with my towel wrapped around me, brushing my teeth, as I begin practicing my proposal to Kain.

So, Kain, last night I had this brilliant idea. What if we write a romance novel together? I even flash a bright smile at my mirror for dramatic effect. In my role play with my bathroom mirror, Kain is so excited. As a matter of fact, throughout my role play, Kain was all for the idea, grabbing me in a bear hug and telling me what a great idea it was, and that this could turn into a masterpiece. Still smiling at myself in the mirror, I dry my hands on the towel and start to head out the door. Just as I was ready to step over the threshold of the bathroom, I casually take a step back, giving myself one last wink, telling my mirror-self good luck.

Once I have my clothes on, I skip into the kitchen to grab some coffee. Continuing to practice my speech for Kain while sipping my coffee, I sit, swinging my leg, waiting for my laptop to boot up, thinking, Do I message him via Facebook, shoot him an email, should I be professional or casual in my approach? I start hitting the keys creating the biggest jumbo mess of words anyone has ever seen. Deleting it and starting over again, and again, for the next hour. After finally finishing the perfect email with my proposition, I hit the send button. Now, the waiting game begins until I hear back from him.

Hearing my phone ring, I walk over to the table. Looking at the Caller ID, I see it’s Tina.

Hello, Tina.

Hey girl, what are your plans today?

I am not doing anything today but being lazy, I respond as I laugh out loud.

She starts whining, saying, It’s Saturday! Surely we can have some kind of fun. What about doing some shopping?

No, Tina, I am waiting to hear back from someone about a novel idea. Maybe another day.

Really, that’s the reason you're still single. You have no life, Penny. Don't you ever get lonely sitting in your house by yourself all the time?

Tina, you know I am not ready to start that again.

Penny, it’s been five years! You have to learn how to go on with your life. I love you, and you’re my best friend. I want to see you happy again.

I take a deep breath trying not to go to that place from five years ago, but when someone brings it up, it’s all I can think about. I used to be happy, always traveling, and very much in love. At least, until the fatal weekend that took Zack away from me.

He was on his way to my house to pick me up. We were going to Bar Harbor for the weekend. Only he never showed up. Instead, it was a police officer knocking on my door. After Officer Bill introduced himself, he explained to me that Zack had been in an accident, and then he offered to drive me to the hospital. As I walked through the sterile white hall to get to his room, all I could hear was beeps from machines. Beep ... Beep ... Beep ... Beep, every step seemed like the beeps were coming faster. The whole walk the medical smell assaulted my nose, and I halted, not wanting to go any farther. Officer Bill helped me keep pushing on through the hallway.

Once I made it to Zack’s room, I just stood at the door, numb. My heart was beating so fast that I felt faint. The officer put his arm around me, opening the door. There lay Zack, only he didn't look anything like the love of my life―swollen, bloody, and broken. I remember vaguely reaching for his hand. I still, to this day, know that he squeezed my hand right before the final beep, then the straight line. The nurses and doctor had come running in, moving me and the officer out of the room. 

I sat on the floor with my head against the wall for what seemed like forever. Staring at the flicker of the fluorescent lights until the doctor came out carrying a plastic bag with Zack’s stuff in it, he told me how sorry he was, that there was nothing more they could do. I remained in the same position, just watching everyone move to the next room as if Zack was never there. After I was able to finally make it home, I went through Zack’s belongings that the doctor gave me. In the bag was a little blue satin box. It held the ring that I wear around my neck still today. He was going to ask me to marry him. That is the day I swore never to love again.

Hello ... Hello, are you still there?

Yes, I am here, but I need to go! I reply.

She begs me not to hang up yet, telling me we should talk. But I cannot talk anymore. The pain starts to roll up my stomach and I need some air and time to recover from the pain of my thoughts. I have to find a way to push the memories back down. I tell her I love her and will talk to her soon before hanging up the phone.

I walk to the kitchen and lean over the counter, demanding to myself to breathe. Breathing in deeply, I try to release the pain when I exhale. This is why I turn to writing. It is a way to release my pain, anger, or devastation. Every novel I release consists of love, but always with a dash of pain.

I push off of my counter, feeling certain I have my emotions under control, and then I flip the TV on for a distraction. Slowly, the calm is resurfacing, and my breathing is getting easier. I sit there, flipping through the channels, when I hear my computer notification go off. I jump up to see who it is, crossing my fingers that it will be Kain. My sorrow fades completely away when I see his message.

Chapter 2



Terrified. Excited. Surprised.

These are my first reactions to her email. Penny Lane, the successful and talented author of some of the best received Romance novels in recent years, is calling upon me to try something new, something unexpected. She wants to write a book with me. Me! Not just any kind of book though, an epic romance that will span two individual’s experiences and emotions. Her proposal is flattering and scary as hell. I love the idea of challenging myself, challenging my words and my writing. I love the idea of working with someone as talented as she is. But most of all, I cherish the thought of spending hours working with her, appreciating her. It is so easy to do. Penny is a light in my ‘darkened room’ of a life, lately. Getting to know her over this past year has been a blessing, especially with all the drama going on in my sad, little world. Secretly, going through a brutal divorce is crippling me. The thought numbs me instantly. Immediately, I click on the reply button, and type out the words: THANK YOU, BUT NO. My index finger hovers over the send button as I drift into my own thoughts.

I have been writing professionally for over ten years now. I’d been very successful early on, selling tons of books, making the rounds on book tour after book tour. My second manuscript had led to an ongoing series of books that became quite popular, even going as far as getting me my first official entertainment deal: a fully realized television show on cable about my beautiful, but sometimes naughty, vampires and werewolves. Blood and Bite was a huge hit for the first three seasons, but quickly faded in popularity as the world became tired of bloodsuckers and their adventures.

That was okay with me though, I am so over writing about them anyways. These days, my heart belongs to anything science fiction. I have been secretly working on a Sci-Fi series, with a splash of sexiness, for the last couple years. It is taking longer than I would like, but I am happy with the progress, thanks in part to Penny and her supportive voice. She is the only other person who knows I am working on such a story. We discovered early on that we both grew up loving science fiction movies and books. Laser beams, flying saucers, and green skinned creatures are our passion; the cheesier the better. The thought eases my worries, and I reach down and delete my first response.

Recently, just the thought of Penny seems to make me smile. Her talent as a writer. Her silly sense of humor. Her good heart. That is another fear I have about this proposed endeavor. I couldn’t afford to get much closer with her, not now at least. Besides the painful divorce I am engrossed in, there is another detail of my life I am keeping from her. Something I’m not sure I can share with her; at least not yet.

Suddenly, my cell phone rings with the familiar chords of the classic 80’s song, Anyway You Want It by Journey, one of my favorite bands. It’s my agent and sometimes publisher, Amanda.

Hey, Amanda, I say, still in a slight daze.

Kain! Please tell me you have the first round of edits ready for the editor on the new manuscript, she says, stress evident in her tone.

Umm ...

"Don’t you umm me, Kain. We have a deadline, you know."

I know.

Then, drop everything you’re doing and get it to me ... like ... yesterday, she snaps. Her tone is playful, but serious. Amanda Blake, my ferocious agent for the last five years, has been great for my writing career, but she doesn't know how to take NO for an answer. Especially with her newest plan for my literary career ... Erotic Romance. She sees the dollar signs in the future of writing erotica. I, on the other hand, don’t care about detailing people’s genitals, much less where, why, and what they do with them. She believes it is the perfect thing to get my Blood and Bite series back on the bestseller lists again.

I’m almost done with the first ten chapters, Amanda, I say, staring at Penny’s email, intensely. But, something new just came up.

New? What do you mean ... new? She sulks.

An opportunity just revealed itself.

What opportunity?

I’ll fill you in on Sunday, during our brunch meeting.

Kain ... she replies, her annoyance evident in the way she drags my name out.

Trust me, this could be big. Very big, I say as I try to sell her on the secret idea. Now, all of a sudden, I am beyond excited about Penny’s offer. A huge smile creeps along my face. I only seem to smile these days because of her.

Whatever. Just get me those ten chaps by our meeting. You need this, Kain, she says bluntly. It hurt a little, but sadly, she is right. I need another hit. Financially, I have seen better days.

I know, I sigh.

We need this, she adds.

I know, I say, even softer. Sensing my discomfort, Amanda lightens up a little.

Sorry, Kain. I know things are extremely hectic for you right now and don’t mean to make them worse. I just want what’s best for you and your writing. I’ll see you Sunday, she says, settling herself.

No problem, I say like a robot.

Talk to you soon, Amanda says before hanging up. I toss my phone on the couch cushion next to me.


And with that, I am done being worried, or scared, about Penny’s purposed partnership. Actually, I think I need it, need her strength. So, I pull my laptop to me and quickly begin writing her a small reply that ends with a smiley face and my Skype address. It is time for us to talk, face to face, even if it is only online. My mind starts running with questions. Will she accept the invite? Will she want to take the next step? Will she be offended that I didn’t shave or shower, considering I hadn’t done so since the morning before? I click send, and run into the bathroom to remedy my stinky self so there is no chance of offense.

Ball’s in your court now, Penny ... I laugh, as the warm water from the shower nozzle slides over my head and runs slowly down my neck. I hold my breath, patiently waiting for what happens next.

Chapter 3



Unexpected nerves hit as I get ready to open Kain’s reply, sitting here with my hand on the mouse while it hovers over the Read button. What’s wrong with me? I have been waiting all day for his answer, and now I’m