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Different: Different, #1

Length: 112 pages1 hour


She hadn’t meant to start the fire. It was because of Max that she did it, he drove her to it.

Moving to Oakwood brought with it a new foster family and a chance of a fresh start but her past wasn’t easy to forget about. Celeste decided that she wasn’t going to do the strange things that she could again; instead she was going to act normal.

Then the party happened and her new life began to unravel. Protecting herself caused Celeste to show who she really was and what she could do. Confused and desperately trying to hold onto her new life, she felt lost. She wasn’t a part of her new family, not really and her best friend was too preoccupied with his girlfriend to notice her.

Then Finn appeared, saying he knew what she could do and that he wanted to help her. He knew things about her from her past that no one else knew and he told her things that couldn’t be true, or could they? Something about him intrigued her and made her want to see him again, however dangerous this might be.

Celeste thought that escaping from her past and starting again would work but secrets weren’t always that easy to hide from, especially when people knew what she could - when they knew that she was different.

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