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Masked SheWolf

407 pages5 hours


The first female werewolf in centuries has to stay hidden. Micheal Dylan Connolly was born a girl against all odds, and she must mask her gender to evade those who would want to use her bloodline. She has been living as a boy for almost eighteen years now.

When a powerful pack comes into town, Michael's secret is in jeopardy. She is torn between her fascination with the newcomers and her fear of being taken. But she isn't the only one keeping secrets; the pack's new leader, Alpha Logan Underwood, did not suddenly change homes for no reason.

However, danger can surprise you from anywhere; even those closest to us are capable of putting our lives at risk, and pretty soon, Michael finds herself in the middle of too many lies, which could threaten to expose hers.

Because secrets always seem to have a way of coming out.

(Book 1 in Masked SheWolf trilogy)

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