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Love could be a wondrous feeling to have but it depends on the source. An unstable love can have you happy one minute and sad the next. Sometimes an unstable love can even cause you your life! A city girl named Kayla raised with good intentions but bad influences has her life changed at the blink of an eye. As she sits at the love of her life Jeremy's funeral she finds out he is married. With so many unanswered questions about Jeremy's suicide she is forced to open up to his best friend friend to find out was Jeremy really killed or was it a suicide, is there more to his story? After finding out some secrets Jeremy had Kayla is confused and needs directions. With the help of her friend Shane and cousin Shon she is lead on a crazy rollercoaster ride that could lead to love, sadness or even worse death! She later realizes what really happened and her role in it all but did she realize it to late?
Shane is Kayla's best friendwho lived life by the books after becoming a teenage mother. She always wanted what was best for her daughter. This made her focus more on success than living her life. She later meets a guy that she feels could be the one. Is Shane ready for love or is she naive to the fact of what real love is? Could her Prince Charming be standing in her view or did she fall for a monster is she doomed for death!
Shon is a no nonsense type of chick. Her motto get paid first and ask questions later. Her role is to help her cousin forget about her loss and get paid to be happy. Shon believes money is happiness and she will sacrifice any and everything to get it. Could Shon's train of thought get her girls as well as herself caught up or will her street sense save their lives?
Follow Kayla on this rocky unstable path of love, sorrow, happiness and hurt. When you are traveling a journey few passengers get on and off but the goal is to finish. The ultimate goal is to finish with happiness. Everyone lives but to truly live and find true love is Priceless.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781499051551
List price: $3.99
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