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My book that sounds so new and refresh….I praise God. This story is so different. The title is Secrets!!!!! This story is about a young lady that lost her way at an early age and she was trying to find love in all the wrong avenues. Bill Snowden was his name and his wife was Joanna…The young lady trying to find her way was Judith. During this affair a child was born, the father was not too happy about it. Like most men in these situations they want you to have an abortion to cover their tracks, they don’t want the wife to find out. Judith was not having it she said you better get away from me. Mr. Bill Snowden was the owner of an orphanage so she figured like any other young lady that he would take care of his responsibility not so he was not having it. At the hospital on delivery he came in there trying to throw his weight around. Bill, why are you here you made yourself very clear. Be gone we have no use for you. At the age of three Josephine was left by Ms. Judith at the orphanage with Ms. Joanna and a note. The things that went on at the orphanage. Later on down the way, things started going up and down. The plot started to thicken, the Lord stepped in and secrets started coming out one by one. Don’t you want to know what occurred the hair will stand up on your head. This book is a good read and it does have a sequel coming out real soon.
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