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One Bullet

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(Addressing the reading group at my local library) I've just finished my 13th novel. As you might guess from the title, it's a mystery. Let me ask the group a question. What's worse than a serial killer? What? A female serial killer? Thank you Miss Reese.. For a second, I was afraid a man was going to give that answer. I could just see myself being summoned to appear on The View and defend my book against charges of sexism. What's that? Who said two female serial killers? Was that you Mrs. Marmaduke? Well, you know what? You're absolutely right. We have two women serial killers to deal with in this novel. You haven't been sneaking a peek at my manuscripts have you? Oh no Ma'am, I'm not accusing you. I was just kidding. Anyway, in my story, bodies of criminals keep popping up all around St. Louis. Because they are hardened criminals, nobody really cares too much, except the Mayor, who wants to be elected again. Should an innocent person be murdered accidently, it will become a huge election issue. The job of finding and stopping the killer, or killers, falls to veteran Homicide detective Conn Ross and his new partner, Kate Cafferty. Conn is a hard nosed cop with little patience for inexperienced detectives, especially if they are women. He has even less tolerance for political interferrence and for having to deal with stupid questions by the media. Kate comes to homicide with only two years experience as a detective, none of it in homicide. The sparks fly between the two detectives from the onset, and it looks like it's just a matter of time until the sparks become a raging fire. One Bullet is filled with lots of action and suspense, as it builds and rushes to a powerful ending.

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