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Maximizing Virtu, Minimizing Fortuna: A Student’s Formula for Success in School

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Every school across the world has that kid. The one who has perfect grades, is president of a million clubs, plays two varsity sports, has stellar test scores, and somehow seems to be getting 10 hours a sleep a night? “This kid is superhuman,” you tell yourself. “There’s no way I could do that.” Well, think again! This book contains the formula for academic success without burning out.

Machiavelli coined the term virtu as that which is in your control, and fortuna is what you leave up to fate. Living stress-free is easy—all you have to do is maximize what is in your control, and minimize the stakes you leave up to the cards you are dealt.

Simple, right? Unfortunately, placing everything in your control takes time, which not many of us have. This book will help you balance your time--juggling activities and sleep while streamlining your study sessions to get the most out of them, until you too, can be that kid!

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