Inside the Walls of Matacalli City Zoo
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My own impression of the story is that it is a soap opera of people’s lives, set in a zoo, in a book. The story details the interactions of many diverse characters within the central theme, situated inside the walls of a passive city zoo, located in the warm
areas of Coastal California. It entails the story of a young woman, heiress to the
magnifi cent old zoo and her accounts of coping with the daily routines and lives, of
not only the enormous amount of animals in her care, but also of the many people
who are involved in running such a colossal and demanding enterprise. Jessica Williams faces her own journey of growing up within this intense atmosphere, while becoming aware of her deep love for one of her co-workers and mentors, an ex-army veteran who is plagued with emotional troubles, amid the concentration of her own dedication to the monumental task of keeping the zoo alive. The two devoted people cohere together to keep the giant enterprise running, surrounded by the many sagas involving the zoo staff and helpers, amid the shocking treachery of Jessie’s own father. Another character adding to the twisted tales of emotional roller coasters, is that of a young lion tamer Snow Reynolds, who aspires to become a world class prize fi ghter. Just a glimpse of the many colourful stories and realistic characters, evoking the vast array of lives, involved within the walls of the Grand Century Old Matacalli City Zoo.
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ISBN: 9781499002003
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