Come along for the ride during the turbulent times in the 1970’s in Miami and the Bahamas when former innocents, Cara and Teddy, operated their skin diving charter boat business from Miami to the Bahamas. The book definitely promises a thrilling ride through reckless and frenzied times when drug runners were rampant and Miami was a wide-open lawless town! While Teddy’s and Cara’s virtue was corroded at times and became somewhat tarnished when they skirted the law, they valiantly attempted to avoid the wantonness and rashness of the times. Become immersed in the story to feel the sense of adventure and excitement course through the characters' veins. The unique and captivating characters will enthrall all who expect a good time. This is about Teddy and Cara’s operation of the business, their encounters with smugglers, deaths and tragedies and stories about the people encountered on the boat docks, on the waters and in their lives. The book also chronicles the upheaval of the race riots in Miami and the facts surrounding the Mariel Boatlift of refugees from Cuba to Miami, in which they were involved. It is also a testimony of the factors that can eventually erode a marriage, like an insidious drop of water, over time, can gradually wear down a rock. Find out who is the rock and who is the drop of water! Swallow this story in greedy gulps when facing the challenge of believing some of the incidents that occurred. But it is guaranteed that this story will prove to be intoxicating to all. Dive in!
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