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Laura usually took the elevator, but today the touch of fall in the air and the exhilaration of having received an unexpected promotion at work, left her full of energy. She was nearly up to the third floor when the door of the stairwell burst open and a bloody and very dead body came hurtling down landing in a lifeless heap at her feet.
In the split of second it took to look up and see him standing there, gun in hand, their eyes met and she knew that Marcus Styver had recognized her.
When later she found her little talking bird dead in his cage with his bill pointing to the news article about the murder, she recalled Styver having remarked of the little parakeet that “talking can be dangerous”
Terrified, she quickly made arrangements to be included on the tour to Egypt that had been planned by her friend Janice, only to find that distance did not equate safety. Will be handsome Mahmoudel Sayed be able to rescue the young women in time, or is he perhaps their elusive stalker just biding his time to eliminate the one eye witness to a brutal murder?
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ISBN: 9781499056518
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