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The title of the book “Crash on J Bird Road” is basically the story of my best friend and his tumultuous journey through life. It was a journey that eventually led to his ultimate demise. I wanted to let the reader know that up front because even though his story is one worth telling, this book is really about me, my politics and certain events that shaped my thinking. I have intertwined my best friend’s story with my life story throughout this book. Hopefully, you will understand, by the end, how his journey, and my own, connect to form the thought process I have toward life as I now see it. You see, I am a Black Republican living in the Deep South. There is not many of us in this country but the ones most of us see do not resemble myself. I am a long haired hippie that wears baggy clothes and only has one suit that I wear to funerals and weddings. I will probably wear it to my funeral.

My main reasoning for writing this book is to let the world know that all Republicans are not the same and we all have different reasons why that party is our choice. We all don’t believe in the same things nor have identical morals. And lastly, but most importantly, I want everyone to know we are NOT all Conservatives. In my case, the choice to be a Republican is a very controversial one, as you can imagine. It is not only controversial to my family but to society as a whole. Black people are supposed to be Democrats. ALL black people. This book is not about race or money or anything of that nature. It mainly focuses on the dangers of dependency and it gives two completely different versions of how too much of it can be a detriment to one’s self and one’s life as a whole. It is also about the dangers of not paying attention and not finding the reasons of why we do the things we do as human beings.

My life has been one long journey of hustling and finding a way to make it in this world NOT doing things by the book. And as you will read, you will see that I made it in a very unorthodox fashion.
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