A Million Miles Ago, the Journey Continues
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Suicide is at the top of the list for death among teenagers. Wedding vows are no longer sacred, while divorce is rampant. Thousands become addicted to prescription drugs while counselors search for new ways to help their patients cope with the cares of life. You may be one of these and maybe you feel you cannot go on; your heart breaks from the loss of a child; all you have left are memories and a question, “Why?”

Maybe you feel ashamed and degraded because of rape or sexual abuse; you carry the burden of shame and confusion until it weighs you down. Maybe you have been through a divorce; you feel like a failure or a reject; you turned to drugs or alcohol or some other substance, just to get through the disappointments life has dealt you. Yet you find that nothing works and you want to swallow the whole bottle of pills the doctor gave you, so you won’t have to wake up to another sad day.

Maybe you are in a jail or prison, locked away from society for making bad choices. You have broken the rules and it is payday, but the cost is too high and you do not know how you will ever pay it. You may be a battered wife, with little children at your feet and you cannot find a way out. You may be a drug addict, with a need you cannot fill or an alcoholic with a thirst you cannot quench. You were told you will always be an addict and now you feel helpless.

I too have been in most of these places in my life. I share my story in hopes that I may help someone else find peace in the midst of his or her own personal storm.

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