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Crazy Happy Hearts

51 pages45 minutes


Eighty-seven-year-old Tillie watches everyone's comings and goings from her porch in her Jersey shore town. When her dear departed best friend's never-married daughter Susan retires from Manhattan and returns to her childhood home across the street, Auntie T's primed to do more than watch the former Miss Independence. Kenny doubts his mother's claim that Susan needs a handyman, but jumps at the chance to see the girl next door, the one he never forgot. Still, he'd be a fool to risk his heart after she left without even a backward glance. Susan is adrift in the home town she left decades ago, a place of memories, and possibly regrets, until she reconnects with Kenny--widower, father, and so much more man than the high school boy she remembered. Does she dare to reveal the secret she, her mother, and Tillie have kept all these years?

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