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Adventurous Friends

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Adventurous Friends concludes the Adventurous Collection of Erotica by M.P. Clifton. This final volume presents a quartet of short stories about women who explore the intimate side of life with other women. Though not every character in these tales is living openly and in fact may be in a heterosexual relationship, each knows herself well enough to forego societal convention and follow her heart - or her desire. Sometimes the trigger is compassion for a friend or the admission of a long held secret. But, whatever the catalyst, the result is passionate fulfillment and sexual satisfaction.

The Stylist
Having been a customer for more than a decade, Bev and her stylist, Sharon, share many secrets only close confidants would know. So, when Sharon’s latest relationship ends, Bev tries to comfort her friend with understanding and compassion. But, Sharon’s confession of what finally caused the breakup comes out of nowhere and stuns Bev. Forced to confront her own emotions, she accepts the opportunity to explore her innermost feelings.

Coworkers Louise and Steven were friends but his wife, Jeanette, became even closer when Louise’s husband, Josh, was dying. Jeanette stood by Louise through long nights and painful days. Though their lives since have gone in different directions, both women never forgot the connection. Visiting Louise in her recently renovated farmhouse brings up memories both good and bad. As evening fades into night, the two women let Steven doze while they ready the guest room Louise offered. Once alone, they acknowledge their attraction and venture into a new experience for Jeanette.

The Truth
Donna realizes her decision to let Zack move in with her was a mistake. Now she wants to correct it without hurting him. She turns to friend, Jillian, hoping she can provide a solution. What unfolds is a crazy tale of good intentions leading to unexpected and intimate consequences.

Jennie shares with Carol, some private details about her not-so-satisfying sex life with boyfriend Neil. Carol’s reaction and offhand comment surprises Jennie, as does Carol’s revelation about a sexual experience she had early in life. As Jennie presses Carol to tell her everything, she finds herself more than interested; she is intrigued by Carol’s past and the possibilities for the future.

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