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Long Ago, Far Away

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"Love will eat your heart like an apple..."

So begins a strange quest in "For Love of Three Oranges," a dark fable from Spain about the sweetness and pain of living in the world, involving along the way a frog prince, an ogre and an alchemist.

"Long ago, far away" brings together ten tales of murder, betrayal, bad luck and other disappointments.

A kingdom brought low by monsters, murders and the usual relationship baggage...

A cynical veteran of the Great War who is a member of a secret society of seduction gets pulled into an erotic game of sexual politics as it plays out across the clubs, cafes and alleyways of Paris in 1923.

A storybook meets Tarantino: Gun play, betrayals, a deal gone south, and a frog and a mouse whose reckless love cuts a bloody swath through the forest.

The game is afoot, but Sherlock Holmes is an ocean away. Sgt. Woodrow Walsh of the North West Mounted Police chases a killer through a bustling Canadian city, but the corpse's secrets are even more dangerous.
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In this collection:
The Poisoned Lake
School for Seduction
The Snookaboo
A Frog Went A Courting
Lullaby of the Office Clerk's Apprentice
Song of No-Body
Far Away
The Case of the Uncooperative Corpse
Mischief Point
For Love of Three Oranges

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