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There are monsters in the world—some of them are created by Mythcorp. When these mythicons go rogue, there’s only way to end the carnage: call the Iconocop.
No one is better at hunting down and ‘recycling’ rogue Mythcorp products than Knox. He’s taken on Vlad Tepes, Dr. Moreau, Fu Manchu and a mad Shakespeare among others, but even they could not have prepared him for what awaits in Philicity.
Someone there has stolen Mythcorp’s quantum technology, along with its paranormal scientists. Knox is sent to unravel the mystery and destroy the one in charge, but within a few days of an investigation fueled by blackmail, cons, beatings and bluffs, his enemy retaliates. Soon Knox is forced to grapple a Ted Bundy Icon. By the time he discovers that Alexander the Great, conqueror of the ancient world, is behind everything, he is battered and exhausted. In desperation he turns to the occult. Help arrives in the form of Kana, a petite but fierce warrior, and her demonic pal Malthus.
Knox has never failed to acquire his prey, and even if it means facing the ghosts and demons of his own past, and risking his flesh with these new ‘allies’, he will find Alexander and kill him—hopefully before the rogue Icon kickstarts the end-of-days.

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