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Murder at Wisteria Pines

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Cornelius Astor-Beaudry, fondly known as "the Colonel," invades the serene sanctity of Raymond Hilary's antiquarian bookstore in a dire search for a particular book on poisons. A maid at a local Georgia mansion, Wisteria Pines, has been found dead, the deed done apparently by poisoning. From the moment the Colonel steps into Raymond Hilary's life, Raymond is caught up in a flood of events racing and raging beyond his control. Their first evening together becomes a white-knuckled ride to Wisteria Pines on the news that the patriarch, Angus Callahan, has also been found dead—but in a locked room with bars on its windows. It happened right after a voodoo doll had been nailed to the mansion's door, and somehow three different wills appear to be involved, along with missing precious stones, Cajun legacies and legends, the founding of Acadia, the French Revolution, the British crown jewels, and an inheritance worth $6 million. Buy "Murder at Wisteria Pines" today.

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