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The Case of the Haunted Cot

184 pages2 hours


The first book in the Price & Miller Mysteries

Sophie and Keith Fullwood have suffered the worst loss imaginable, and their nightmare is only just beginning. There’s the constant feeling of being watched, the moving shadows just out of sight, and everything else they’ve ever heard about hauntings. But all of those are nothing, compared to the sounds coming through the radio.

The terrified cries they hear have no business being heard this side of the grave, and they carry far too many unanswered questions. It’s more than Sophie and Keith can handle.

Keith, determined to find a less horrifying explanation than the ones presenting themselves, hires Trenton Price, anti-nonsense and anti-social skeptic and atheist.

Sophie, meanwhile, enlists the help of Joseph Miller, paranormal expert and part-time caretaker at her church.

Joseph Miller is determined to do whatever he can to help the Fullwoods and the spirit, and he’ll even do whatever he can to save the soul of Trenton Price. There’s just one thing he doesn’t anticipate:

Trenton Price is every bit as brilliant as he is arrogant.

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