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In Public: Confessions of a Dirty Panty Seller (book 1)

17 pages12 minutes


After two years of selling her dirty panties online to strangers, Clara's a hopeless addict for showing off and servicing unknown men. When her exhibitionism runs away with her, she finds herself wandering alleyways between shopping centers to meet clients with particular needs, and she's all too willing to give them what they want for their specific panty-sniffing, gusset-licking needs.

But this particular client's requests are particular: from the clothes she wears to how he wants to take her. And he's very insistent she wear a blindfold. He doesn't want to see her face, he just wants to have her, load up those panties with their blended juices, and run away with them.

This short erotic story is ~2500 words long and contains exhibitionism and sex with a stranger.

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