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The Bride & Groom's Wedding Checklist & Planner Guide

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The average wedding cost may be steadily decreasing — The Wedding Report reported another 14 percent drop in 2009, making the average cost just above $16,000 — but the amount of planning needed for the big day is still extraordinary. It may be exciting, but many soon-to-be-married couples hold their breath in anticipation of what could be a long, expensive, and very stressful process. How- ever, it does not need: If you have the right resources at your fingertips, stay organized, and are ready for anything, wedding planning can become a much easier, more relaxed process that both the bride and groom can fully enjoy — the way it was meant to be.

This book was inspired by every bride and groom who has woken up more than two months from the wedding date in a cold sweat agonizing over if there was something they could have possibly forgotten. You will learn how to start the entire process off on a good foot, from telling your friends and families to finishing the engagement with pictures and a party. You will then start the planning process by setting (and sticking to) budget parameters, outlining who will be paying for what, and creating guest lists for seating and catering. You will learn how to compromise, how to develop a successful wedding plan, and how to decide if you need to call in a professional planner.

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