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Stepparenting: The Expert Advice You Need to Succeed

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No one is born knowing how to be a successful and effective stepparent. Becoming a stepparent can be one of the most anxiety-provoking, frustrating, and yet rewarding challenges you'll ever face.

In her debut self-help manual, "Stepparenting: The Expert Advice You Need to Succeed," licensed social worker and parenting expert Ashley Miller, MSW tackles the most common obstacles faced by both new and experienced stepparents.

In this book, you will learn how to:
*Introduce yourself to your new stepchildren and take your proper place in the family
*Deal with common problems, such as “the ex,” discipline issues and loyalty clashes
*Set appropriate boundaries and ground rules
*Develop effective communication skills
*Establish an atmosphere of mutual respect
*Learn helpful ways to bond with your stepchildren
*Identify and address potential mental health problems
*Manage stress while maintaining a positive attitude

With a down-to-earth, understanding, and encouraging voice, Miller discusses specific strategies to help stepparents cultivate meaningful and healthy relationships with their stepchildren that can last a lifetime.

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