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The MegaDog Tales 2: The Regal Beagle

109 pages1 hour


The funky canine crimefighters, MegaDog and Baywolf, are back in action with another exciting adventure. On the tropical island of OomPoppaMowMow, King Scooter, also known as The Regal Beagle, has a serious problem. A volcano, Mount Blowachunka, will soon erupt and destroy the island paradise. There is no way to stop it. But that is not all. On a group of nearby islands, three more volcanoes, Mount Crackalittletoe, Mount OoogaChaka and Mount Wockawockawocka are set to explode. If all four volcanoes erupt at the same time, a cloud of volcanic ash will cover the Earth and block out the Sun, turning the planet into a gigantic sphere of ice. And if that is not enough, the canine crusaders have to battle the evil Queen Elvira, her wicked Doberman henchmen, Scratch and Sniff, and an angry monster made of pure lava. Can MegaDog and Baywolf stop the volcanoes before they erupt? How will the funky canines fight a beast made of molten lava? Will Queen Elvira destroy the heroes before they can save the world? Find out in this exciting middle grade adventure. Time to get funky!

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