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The Queen's Yeoman

146 pages2 hours


Does Saundra have what it takes to be a Queen’s Yeoman?

With the recent death of the Queen, can she face the challenges of an imaginary world where the ancient dragon set on possessing the magic at the kingdom’s foundation still roams?

Is the answer she is looking for in the quest given to her by a unicorn?
Since all of her troubles are in her imagination, why can’t she just walk away from them?

Saundra’s imaginary world is not like everyone else’s. Her world was built through tales told to her and her sister by their grandmother. It was a colorful and enjoyable place that has suddenly become dangerous to those in it, but even more surprising is how that danger is spilling out into Saundra’s real life.

Can Saundra solve the problem and stop the dragon before her imaginary world actually kills her?

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