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Haunted December

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Seventeen-year-old Samantha Martin has moved to Dratwaken, Oregon with her family for a new start after her mother's failed marriage. Settling into their new home is just the beginning. Samantha discovers there is an unintended guest living with them. She meets William Parker, a handsome blonde, blue eyed young man with an icy touch. Cursed inside the home to never escape, Samantha is instantly drawn to the mysterious house guest. But their passionate devotion for one another comes with treacherous consequences. Consecutively, she befriends Nicholas, a young man with fiery, scorching skin temperature who is also attracted to Samantha and is responsible for William's disappearance. But Nicholas has his own lies and secrets about his identity that can destroy him and the ones around them. Samantha finds herself in danger when demons are after her. But why would demons seek after a typical girl like Samantha? And how are William and Nicholas involved? Getting close to William and Nicholas will bring Samantha into a world she never thought existed. A world where the dead are trapped in the place they lost their lives, a world where demons torture and prey upon the living, and lives are at stake when there is no escape from evil.

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