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From Caregiver to Caring

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For 3 years Simone was in a tunnel with no end. Her husband Liam was dying of an incurable disease that required constant attention. During the end she hoped that Liam would be dead when she returned from work and would blame herself for having such thoughts and feeling.

Disease does not just affect the diseased. It can create pain and suffering for the caregiver, rip families apart and destroy even the best relationships. The caregiver is often the forgotten partner and their lives become a shadow to the disease. Simone talks openly and honestly about the fear, the frustration and pain of wishing it was all over. What she discovered was that she was not wrong for having these thoughts and feelings.

Filled with humor, sadness, tears and the joy of finding the light at the end of the tunnel, this story not only gives you hope but gives you tools to help you find what the lights is at the end of your tunnel.

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