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Tangled Up in Napa

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Successful Realtor Dino Gammera has had a challenging year in his personal life and decided to vacation in the famous Napa Valley. Online, he finds an out of the way, quaint rustic vineyard cottage, nestled in a small family vineyard. He longs for an escape from the memories of his disastrous relationship earlier in the year, and has to discover a way to forget and restore his unsettled and solitary life.

When Dino arrived in the Napa Valley, he was amazed by the gorgeous scenery and thrilled with the charming old world cottage, feeling things were at last coming together. Soon he meets the vineyard owner, dominant, incredibly sexy, Alan Dale who at first sight fell hard for this hot sexy Italian man called Dino. Taken completely by surprise, Dino can only stare at this sensual, rough around the edges Alpha male with the steamy green eyes.

Reluctant at first, Dino soon comes under the assertive and erotic man's scorching spell who would not take no for an answer. Before long Alan discovers that Dino has a dark secret that threatens to tear their new relationship apart; he now must find the strength and love to guide them through this unexpected problem or his sexy and handsome Dino might slip from his firm grasp.

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