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Second Chance: Scroll Seeker

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Justin prepares for an arbitration hearing to decide if he’ll die as a result of being a Kivosh. He begins to discover the power of the alien language he’s learning.
Justin is then subjected to PCP charges of being a Kivosh and is able to convince the Arbitrator that the charges are based upon conclusions, not facts. The PCP then charges that Justin is in possession of banned technology, specifically anti-gravitation.
Justin produces the math that he supposedly used to produce his own anti-gravitational device. Justin is then cleared of the charges against him.
The Arquellian Arbitrator then tells Justin, privately, that the Arquellians need to recover a stolen manuscript. The Arquellian won’t describe the manuscript, but basically tells Justin, 'Recover the manuscript or die.' Justin does manage to get the information that the manuscript the Arquellians seek is in the possession of the Priests of Vorell.
With no real choice in the matter, Justin then returns to Alvero, where he and Ashoro once failed to gain the manuscript that is obviously what the Arquellians want. Justin talks to the High Priest and convinces the High Priest that the Arquellians will soon raid the Temple to gain the manuscript. The High Priest then agrees to give the manuscript to Justin if Justin can kill the High Priest in an unarmed combat duel, so that no one will know that Justin has the manuscript.
After he obtains the manuscript from a man willing to die to do his duty, Justin realizes that he needs to play the advanced cultures, one against the other, if he’s to survive. Justin manages to get Norva Lemni assigned as the PCP Ambassador to Fori Novor and Major Dakon Harkand, a Dorond Marine assigned as the Dorond Ambassador to Fori Novor. Justin may now survive.
Justin and the Major then plan for the possibility of a small scale attack from an Arquellian scout boat. The Arquellians don't dare risk a large scale attack, but might try a small scale attack. The small scale attack does come and Justin's forces repulse the attack. Justin then has three naked whores run from his palace. Supposedly the naked whores were driven in front of the cowardly Arquellian invaders.
In the aftermath of the Arquellian attack, Justin arranges for a show trial to be held in Mervon. The show trial is turned, by Justin, into a circus.
After the circus, a large colony ship is discovered. The colony ship is an Aozoran ship, headed to Corin, probably to join the Aozoran colony there. However, the colony ship won’t answer hail. A team needs to be sent to investigate. Justin is maneuvered into leading the team. It’s an obvious attempt to kill the Kivosh. Justin leads the team and survives the attempt to kill him.
When he returns to Fori Novor, Justin finds that drug smuggling into Averon is on the decline due to his sky pirates ripping off the deliver ships. Instead, the drugs are being warehoused in an island off the coast of Averon. Justin's troops raid the warehouses and steal the drugs.
Justin visits the islands of Aozora and begins to suspect that Lord Vorell may have been on Corin and may still be on Corin.
Justin also feels the need to upgrade the Fori Novor Air Force. Since Fori Novor doesn’t have a lot of money, Justin plots to steal the aircraft he needs.

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