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Pleasure Milk Girls

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Pleasure Milk Girls Box Set compiles the first four volumes of Breastfully Yours at a savings of 50% off the regular cover price. The set includes the following:

Hitomi’s Milk
Breastfully Yours Book 1

Adam knows he shouldn’t be looking down at his beautiful next door neighbor sunbathing in her pathetically tiny red bikini on her private roof-deck. But he can't help himself.

Hitomi’s recent pregnancy had transformed her from a buxom, young urban professional into a double G cup knockout. Adam simply has to look. One thing leads to another with predictably messy results. Guilty about the spying, Adam helps her the following morning with some gardening, and afterwards relaxing in her unit, Hitomi shocks him speechless, by pumping her massive breasts—right in front of him. Watching the white liquid flowing through the transparent tubes of the hissing machine awakens something in Adam which he must explore, a deeply felt need of which he had never before been aware.

But there's more to Hitomi than meets the eye. With this young mother it becomes clear very quickly that Adam has his hands full.

ANR, ABF, Milky Romance Short Story 7000 words

Nursing Nadine
Breastfully Yours Book 2

Hitomi’s lactation client adds a layer of fascinating complexity to the pair’s emerging relationship, as they explore what it means as adults to be connected through nursing and milk, looking for love and fulfillment.

The pieces of the puzzle, Hitomi’s past as an escort, her failed marriage, give tantalizing clues as to her hot and cold, on again, off again demeanor. Adam is going to have to step up and take matters into his own hands, or quite literally, drown in the two of them.

What is possible? Who does Adam want the most? For the first time in his life, he will have to make the choice himself. He knows, if he can’t he could end up losing them both.

But for the time being, Adam finds himself living in the breast of all possible worlds.

ANR, ABF, Milky Romance Short Story 8000 words

Battling Milkmaids
Breastfully Yours Book 3

After a mind-blowing threesome, Hitomi sends Adam off with Nadine, having brokered the beginnings of an Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR) between the two. Nadine’s former nursing partner, Nelson, was a billionaire, part of what Adam learns is a mysterious Network. Hitomi has vouched for Adam, but should he accept an invitation for a Network Inspection? Is he ready to join in the lifestyle of the rich, famous and unspeakably kinky?

Adam and Nadine explore their sexual compatibility with explosive results, and Nadine’s sexual past emerges in a series of confessions which leave Adam reeling. Is he ready to fulfill her in all the ways her lush, oh so spankable body so desperately calls out for?

Is Adam man enough to give both young women what they truly need?

ANR, ABF, Milky Romance Novelette 10, 000 words

Double Milk Girls
Breastfully Yours Book 4

Adam has a huge problem on his hands, but what a problem to have!

He has two potential nursing partners, Nadine and Hitomi. Nadine, tall, buxom, a strapping young woman, filled with the insecurities caused by a bad relationship. Hitomi, Nadine’s savior and protector is cool, reserved, but filled with a simmering passion which Adam can sense seething behind her big brown eyes.

The two fulfill and delight him in different ways; Nadine’s insecurity and naive charm is complimented by Hitomi’s zen like calm. Tall and short, pale and tan, youthful and mature, the pair embodies every fantasy Adam has ever nurtured in his secret heart of hearts.

It will take everything Adam has to make the three of them come together as one.

ANR, ABF Milky Romance Novellette 9,500

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