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Sun of Apocalypse: The Rise of World Peace and War on Our Spiritual Heritage

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In the name of world peace, a hard won and long elusive peace, world leaders will eventually find all the excuse they need to greatly diminish certain religious influences, particularly Judaism and Christianity. As unlikely as this seems, all they really need to stress is: 'that never again will a major world religion bring us to the brink of global war.' It is important that we gain fresh insight, in order that we do not prove to be our own worst enemies during the coming persecution.
Too much misunderstanding abounds concerning this future peace for Israel and the world, especially within some circles of mainstream Christianity. This book (essay) is an attempt to put some of the predicted 'trouble' into perspective, a logical perspective that follows a reasonable chain of events, all the while staying true to the integrity of Scriptures, especially those verses pertaining to events that have yet to occur.
The emphasis for this book will not be upon how we get to the peace so much as what we can realistically expect after we get there.

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