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"Tucker's form of love was worthless. If that is how he loves someone, I am glad I do not exist to him." - S'renaty, ShameLess
You can never love another until you love yourself first. In this companion novella, we finally hear Tucker's side. We journey with him seeing it all through his eyes, starting with his childhood. Tucker Reeves has been filled with fear his entire life, from fear of failure, to fear of disappointment, and even the fear of loving, or being loved. After the loss of his sister, his entire life shifts off it's axis. He needs to overcome personal struggles following his tragic childhood and traumatizing grief of losing his sister so suddenly in order to learn how to love, especially after losing S'renaty in the process. But, when he meets Tania, his life's axis shifts yet again. Now, he will need to fight harder than ever to keep her. Will he be able to overcome, letting go of the fear paralyzing him? Tucker Reeves in is for the fight of his life in order to love himself first; to live fully, and love another ... totally FearLess.

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