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Prophetic Prayers to Command your Morning

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The early morning hours are special hours because they determine your failure or success during the day. Your spiritual investment at these hours will empower you to be in charge of the day. In the spiritual world, early morning hours are very important because they are hours a man can change his life forever and be in total control of all events during the day spiritually. It is this period satanic priest, warlocks, false prophets and territorial powers take charge of the day and their territories. It is these hours they steal, kill and destroy. It is this period they hijack people’s fortunes and daily blessings.
This is because the day can be commanded to work for or against a man. The day has ears to hear the voice of any man and respond correspondingly to whatever it is commanded to do. It is this mystery that the kingdom of darkness is using to mess up people’s life on earth daily.
Hence, this book is inspired by the Holy Spirit to help you take charge of the day and He, the Holy Spirit, has put some powerful scriptures that will enable you to be in control daily. It is a prayer book that will change your life forever for you will be in absolute control of your life. You will no longer live your life by chance.

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