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Very Dirty Stories #63

Length: 64 pages57 minutes


What experiences changed you forever? When did you realize there was no going back?

Experimentation and flings become cravings and needs! And these ladies go even further.

Gwen discovers Ronin's hungers as he pushes her boundaries with intense sexual play. Tracy and Natalya are outright diving into modifying their bodies including some very intimate piercings. These sexy stories are made of extreme pleasures which require time to heal!

***** "Dancing with Ronin is crazy dangerous! But he's so gentle with Gwen..."
***** "Tracy as a barbie... with O'Pearl style piercings!?!?! Hot and insane!"
***** "I'm still cringing... at the thought of half inch tunnels down there!"

There nothing wrong with change. Just choose your piercing jewelry carefully!

Ronin and Gwen danced, and then he let her go. When a chance encounter begins them back together, they get hooked up and make up for lost time! "Devil Dancing (A Gwen Story)"

Tracy's arousal keeps bringing her back to the same lurid erotic story. Does the author really see the woman she wants to be? Modified to suit glamorous dreams of the sexual feminine just like her role models O'Pearl and Dita... "Are These Your Eyes? (A Tracy Story)"

Natalya's new half inch thick tunnels are the painful intimate pleasure that inspires her to more. Some experiences change us forever! "Penetration (A Natalya Story)"

Approximately 9,900 words.

Bonus: Plus selections from our Spring 2014 catalog with commentary.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

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