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Shanghai Lust

Length: 21 pages18 minutes


Janice, a retired expat living in Qingdao, China, and Erli, a devastatingly beautiful Chinese woman are in the midst of a steamy lesbian romance. But Erli is 20 years younger, beautiful and has left China after visiting her parents to take up her job on the other side of the Pacific in San Francisco. All this only adds to Janice's fears of imminent heart ache. She is sure the woman who awakened her sleeping sexual dragon will leave her for a younger, more beautiful woman. Through Skype calls Erli tries to assure Janice that she only wants her. And now she has managed a trip as a tour guide to Shanghai just to see Janice. When Erli tries to introduce Janice to la la land, (where Chinese lesbians hang out) at a local Shanghai lesbian bar, everything seems to go wrong. This book contains explicit sex scenes between women.

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